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Panic Exit Device   ( barra antipánico )


Introduction :

*Material:Iron/Stainless steel



*Door width:Different length according to the width of door

*Type:Close by 2 lock point

*Fire rated certificate:EN1125

*Application:Fire door

*Fire DoorlockName:302 panic exit device for fire door

*BODY: Steel body-Half arm.
*INSTALLATION: For double doors.
*LOCKING SYSTEM: Standard: Kale cylinder with 3 keys for external opening. touch bar mechanism
  from inside opening with safety function. Optional:From outside by handle with rosette with 2 keys 
  Moving Leaf : Locking by steel bar mechanism as lower a upper location.
*CONSTANT FLOW: Bar mechanism operated by knob for constant flow.

Features :

*Close by two point

*Exposure Type

*Semi length push bar

*Different length according to the width of door

*Different height of bolts according to the height of door

*Different colors can be chosen

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